Suffering the Void

from by Wargrave



Left to die far beyond our reality
Where no one can see where I've fallen
All alone in the darkness and fire
Save for the knowledge that I have now found

The currents of time have me drowning
In the waters of nowhere i swim
Hasten myself to the center of light
The fabric of life is eternal and burning

Suffer the void my story untold
Grasp at the chances that once came before
Suffer the void all thoughts are witheld
Our choices are random but none are recalled
Perception is easy to find if you try
Can't comprehend the true reason i died
Stranded in space with no warmth and no light
Forever is over now suffer the void

So close to the sun you are child
Closer and closer and closer you are

So close to the sun you can touch it
What secrets will you bring to promise
Existence is fragile a delicate dream
He who has died now returns from beyond,

Worlds burn
As elements change by my hand
I choose to rebuild with the power of death
The brink of extinction no reason to live
The balance must be restored
Besieged now the ground below shakes
Mountains to dust deep ravines now erupt
Waves of ash wash away
All those who fled
The hours are still and eternity sighs

So close to the sun you are child
Take what I've given to you make it yours now

So close to the sun you can touch it
Take it's warmth all for yourself
Existence is fragile a dream nothing more
Unraveled the workings that held up the world

Ignite with flames
And bring catastrophic change
Reveal the true half
Illusion no longer fights back

Forgotten and cursed ascendant returned
Brought down the rainfall as if it were steel
Suffer the void no stories are told
Walker of worlds has destroyed all we know


from Suffering the Void, released November 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Wargrave Cape Town, South Africa

While the roots of the band lie deep in 80's thrash metal, Wargrave draws inspiration from an extremely diverse spectrum, infusing the classic archetypal sound with undertones drawn from modern progressive and technical death metal. The result is a sonic apocalypse, a display of speed and technical proficiency whilst maintaining a strong sense of melody. ... more

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